Ditto Anarchy Online Q&A

Thanks to Voodooextreme for this piece. A bit redundant only on the surface, but another Anarchy Online interview, this time from MGON, has embraced the web public for scrutiny. Here's how it stacks:
Q:Can you tell us how many skills there are available and possibly give a brief explanation of some of them.

A:We have a total number of more than 50 skills. They are divided into the following groups …

Close combat – hand to hand fighting
Melee combat Weapons - combat with melee weapons
Thrown Weapons - combat with throwing weapons
Distance Weapons – combat with distance weapons
Initiative – things concerning speed while attacking
Athletics – things concerning the “shape” you char is in 
Protection / Resistance – speaks for itself
Healing – how fast your body heals
Repair / Create – Engineering, physics etc
Nano – nano abilities
Spying – breaking entry, disarm traps etc …..