MMORPG Roundup

Two upcoming MMORPG's both with the acronym A.O. are in the news. First off, with Anarchy Online, you can view a new site design along with some new screens to celebrate the change at the Crossroads of Rubi-Ka website. The game is supposed to be coming out in the 1st quarter of next year.

Second, and in alphabetical order, is Atriarch Online. Gamespot UK has a short preview of the game with a couple screens tagging along for the ride. Here's a quip:
The most significant strategy element over existing persistent worlds is the way your character will remain in the game world after you have logged off. Buildings can be constructed, traps and bodyguards can be purchased to secure the safety of your precious avatar while you're out of the game. Your alter-ego won't be idle while you get on with your life either. You'll be able to set behaviour patterns for your character to perform actions during the time you're not around. For example, you could instruct him to build a new house or practice a combat skill until you return.