It's Raining Arcanum

That would be acid rain, judging from this title... a couple more previews of the RPG due in February next year, Arcanum, have been spotted:
  • First, a preview from DailyRadar that's supplemented with a few screens:
    Your Arcanum character starts weak but has enormous potential. You can gain up to 50 levels in the game, investing character points on the technology and/or spell side of the equation. There are seven possible technological disciplines (Chemistry, Electrical, etc) that can each be increased seven times, from Novice to Doctor.
  • Then, a lengthy 1st journal from Gamesmania with 8 screens to give the once-over:
    Imagine a fantasy world with the usual trappings: orcs, elves, magic, dragons, and so on. Now imagine it's their equivalent of 1860. This world is now beginning to industrialize and develop technologies--steam engines, electricity, combustion engines, powered flight--and these things co-exist alongside magick. (Picture Tolkein meets H.G. Wells.) This is the essence of Arcanum. Your character might be just as adept at repairing a rifle, as they are at summoning a water elemental.