Axis & Allies Online Announced

The developers over at Beamdog have announced their next project – Axis & Allies Online, a digital adaptation of Larry Harris' classic World War II-themed board game. The game should be launching into Steam Early Access soon, and already you can check out its official website and watch this announcement trailer:

Here's what you can expect from Axis & Allies Online:

We're thrilled to announce our latest project Axis & Allies Online!

Axis & Allies Online is an official adaptation of Axis & Allies 1942, Second Edition: a tabletop classic beloved by history buffs and strategy gamers around the globe!

“Growing up, I had two favourite games, Dungeons & Dragons and Axis & Allies. As a long-time Axis & Allies player, I’m excited to be able to recreate this classic game for other avid fans— and for new online audiences. Axis & Allies Online captures the tactics and friendly rivalry of the board game with a few key differences: there’s no setup or cleanup, and you can’t flip the table when you’re losing.” ~ Beamdog CEO Trent Oster

The year is 1942 and the world is at war! Axis & Allies Online is a race for victory as the United Kingdom, Soviet Union, United States, Germany, and Japan vie for world domination in this official adaptation of the classic board game!
  • Battle in single or multiplayer modes
  • Play with allies and enemies across the world
  • Hotseat play for 2 to 5 players
  • Challenge yourself against AI
  • Start with learn-to-play tutorials
  • Keep informed with interactive game guides and war diaries
Axis & Allies Online will be coming soon to Steam Early Access.