Encased Update #30 - White Swan Station

A brand new Kickstarter update for Dark Crystal Games' upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG Encased shares a few bits of lore about the White Swan station - a dense quest hub packed with high-level gear. The update also shares a general status update that brings us up to speed with the recent progress. The link above has everything you need to know about the White Swan station, and here's the status update:

And while you sit back and imagine the battle with turrets and the epic relic armour upgrade, we’d like to talk about how Ecased is doing.

In one word — well. Dark Crystal Games is working hard to put Encased in early access.

Lately, we set up a new terrain system and now we turn the whole desert upside down. We put rocks here and there, plant sickly bushes, hide anomalies. That’s why we’ve expanded the team by hiring a talented level designer.

There are new people in other departments as well — considering the amount of 3D content we need, we’ve got a couple of 3D modellers. By the way, they made a cool game recently. We won’t name it, but if you love RPGs you almost certainly heard of it.

A lot of assets were modified and improved: uniforms, environment items, character models… All for the sake of the game looking as good as possible when it’s out.

The modification job is not all though. We have numerous ideas for various content, from a random encounter with predatory fireflies we came up with in the first month of development to a separate infrastructure for the Orange Wing employees. From a bunker that was a teleporter testing ground to raiders’ den hidden inside a dried up well… The team is at last on the google docs our game designers and writers filled with their wildest ideas. So by the moment the game is in the early access the desert will be thick with quests, random events and stashed arms, as well as many other things we all love the classic RPGs for.

Thanks for being with us!