Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Patch v4.1.1 Live

The major 4.1 update for Obsidian Entertainment's Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire introduced a turn-based mode to the seafaring RPG. And now, after the beta for this new mode has been running for a few weeks, patch v4.1.1 fixes a number of turn-based issues and deals with a few assorted bugs. Here are the patch notes:

Patch Notes for

Known Issues
  • Jump points are not usable in Turn-Based combat: We are aware of this issue and are currently looking for a solution to address this problem.
Resolved Issues
  • The storm cutscene will now always trigger properly after the introductory fight.
  • The grimoire UI will now correctly display grimoires that are in stores and containers.
  • The Infamous Captain passive no longer causes ship deck fights to start during the introductory cutscene. Additionally, the fear effect now only triggers in ship combats.
  • In turn-based combat, all present enemies will now properly act in the first round instead of waiting until the second.
  • The following trinkets will no longer prevent the player from losing their turn in turn-based mode:
    • Crucible Token's "Kazuwari's Call"
    • Betrayal's "Quick to Rebel"
    • Detonator Shard's "Final Flame"
    • Eye of Rymrgand's "Winter's Veil"
    • Kaihoa's "Lost in Time"
    • Waidwen's Sundial's "Life Through Death"
    • Whispers of Neriscyrlas' "Corrosive Breath"
  • Characters will no longer become stuck when trying to move near enemies in turn-based combat.
  • The game will no longer pause when opening a tutorial during turn-based combat.
  • Certain spells no longer consume Action Point from the character's next turn.
  • Party members now move at the correct speed when in stealth.
  • Characters with unused engagements will now engage enemies that move in range even if they are not the primary target.
  • Characters will no longer say "Can't Do" barks when hovering enemies in turn-based mode.
  • Many enemies with Might or Constitution affliction resistances will now defend against the correct effects.
Balance Changes
  • Characters will Graze on attack rolls of 1-49 in Turn-Based mode instead of 25-49.
  • Adjusted Forbidden Fist ability:
    • Reduced initial damage, but increased the damage bonus per curse to +50% (from +25%).
    • Reduced the duration of the curse to 6s (from 10s).
    • Reduced the added duration per use to 6s (from 10s).
    • Added duration from subsequent curses will no longer increase the duration of the initial curse.
    • Hid unnecessary self-application information from the combat log.