Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged Exemplar Updates

Despite launching back in 2017, Golden Era Games' old-school dungeon crawler Grimoire: Heralds of the Winged is still being updated fairly frequently with bug fixes and new quality of life features. This Steam announcement, for example, lists a number of notable recent updates. Have a look:


New icon with tooltip for dropping items on the cell.

Resistances can now improve versus CONSTITUTION, up to a maximum of 60 out of 100 or the race limit for the resistance. Each time your character saves versus some kind of attack in the game, they have a small chance of increasing their resistance to those kinds of attacks depending on their CONSTITUTION ! Note that this is impossible until a character's CON reaches at least 50 or higher ! This is an incentive to increase a character's CONSTITUTION at level advancement, especially with weaker characters like Feyfolk and Aeorbs. Eventually the resistance will increase by successfully saving against attacks that apply a save versus that resistance. This is actually an original game rule in Grimoire that was simply commented back in. At the end of combats you will get a notification that a certain party member's resistance(s) have improved.


A longstanding bug involving a combination of keystrokes with clicks on the Inventory Hoard Selector box has been fixed. This bug was fixed thanks to excellent feedback on how to reproduce it. If you find any bug in Grimoire, please see if you can describe how to reproduce it in a reliable fashion. If you were holding down the ENTER key while clicking some of the buttons in this box with an item selected, it was crashing because of the keyboard buffer overflowing with keys in the middle of a redraw/repaint event. It was also possible to lock down the buttons doing this when they were disabled and then flipped to enabled while clicking and holding down the ENTER key. All of these problems are now fixed. Any other bugs related to this kind of bug are also fixed.

Some minor glitches with monster attacks and some use of items around NPCs (caused by absent data) also fixed.


I have uploaded an extensive new version with far superior indicators for level advancement, new skills at character creation, fixes to items, spells, weapons and an assert fix.

When you advance a level and have undistributed points, spells or increases remaining you get an icon over top of where the individual leap to Inventory Workshop is now until you have distributed them all. I thought it might help as a reminder. Also the funny glitch exiting after only selecting two spells is fixed. Many, many other minor glitches fixed.