Breach - Worldshaper Veil Demon Class Trailer

When it goes into Steam Early Access on January 17, 2019, QC Games' fast-paced action-RPG Breach will let you play as the “bad guys,” as well as the heroes. One of those bad guys is the so-called Worldshaper Veil Demon - a shapeless creature that can possess monsters and be a general lava-creating nuisance for the other players. Here's a short trailer that showcases what the Worldshaper can do:

And here are some additional details:

Some days, you don’t feel like being a hero. Some days, you want to be the creature that causes mass chaos in a game, summoning creatures and spawning traps to trip up other players. In Breach, the upcoming co-op, RPG dungeon brawler from QC Games, you can do just that. Players can play as the Veil Demon, the enemy force that wreaks havoc in the world of Breach. The Veil Demon cannot by killed, so players must endure its pestering throughout the level. There are six different classes of the Veil Demon and QC Games has released a trailer today focusing on the Worldshaper class.

The Worldshaper conjures powers and terrain from behind the Veil to spread pandemonium on the field of battle, shaping the very ground beneath enemies' feet. Players can accomplish that in a variety of ways: from poisonous Fungal Spores, the crystalline Grael Cage, to the volcanic Cerberus Inferno, the Worldshaper Veil Demon calls forth powerful worldly forces to cause chaos and mayhem in the world of Breach. Have fun immobilizing the heroes and causing all kinds of mischief with the Worldshaper!

And if you're interested in playing some Breach over the weekend, you should check out this Steam announcement that also shares the latest alpha patch notes.