Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous Update #33 - Website Overhaul

The latest Kickstarter update for Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous lets us know that after the old-school RPG launches, Stirring Dragon Games' recently revamped official website will be the place to go for all Unknown Realm-related news and announcements. The update also mentions an official Stirring Dragon Games newsletter and shares a coupon for their store. Check it out:

Happy New Year backers!

We're happy to announce a long overdue update to our website, formerly just a landing page. While we had hoped it would be done much sooner, it was a lower priority than the other game dev tasks we've been working on, so we could only devote small amounts of time to it here and there.

Like most Kickstarter creators, at some point we will be moving our updates away from Kickstarter (after release) and we'll use our website for that purpose. We don’t have a lot of content posted yet, but our site will serve as a hub for information about Unknown Realm and other SDG news, as well as occasional reflections on indie dev from the Stirring Dragon team.

Please take a look and if you haven't already, make sure to sign up for our newsletter! To celebrate the launch of our new website (and the SDG store), we have a special coupon for you (good now through January 16th) – just enter code IWANTFEELIES at checkout for 10% off.

We hope you enjoy our new look! Feel free to send us an email if you have any feedback or suggestions!

-Laura & Bruce

PS: Like our game, our website is not quite mobile friendly. For the best viewing experience, we recommend a desktop and a keyboard. ;-)