Pathfinder: Kingmaker Developer Diary - Meet the Team

If you'd like to learn a thing or two about the people working on Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Owlcat Games' upcoming isometric cRPG, you may want to check out the latest development diary on Steam. The diary recaps a number of Kickstarter updates and introduces us to Owlcat's team and their outside contractors, including Chris Avellone and Inon Zur. Have a look:

In one of our more recent updates, Paizo Creative Director James Jacob talked a little bit about Golarion and the Stolen Lands, getting the community up to speed on some of the lore of our game. Today we're taking a look at some of the other behind the scenes videos, where our friends and developers talk some more about their work on Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Working on our game means that playing tabletop Pathfinder is simply part of the job. Our dev team is split into several smaller role-playing groups, all of which have to brave the original Kingmaker Adventure Path. This is lots of fun, but we're also doing this for another reason - it helps us transport memorable events and characters from the table into our computer game. Think about it. Every tabletop group plays certain encounters a little differently, some parties come up with different solutions than others, the experience is never quite the same for everybody. So after every session we like to get together and talk about what happened, how each group handled their adventures, then use that knowledge for our game. Our update describes this process in much more detail and there's also a little video where you can watch us play.

Meet our Technical Director Alexey Drobyshevsky, who talks about the characters and animation - and how it's all related to ogres. He's wearing his Dazzling Shirt of Charisma +2 to get your full attention!

"Rocks fall. Everyone dies. Good." When we decided to use the Pathfinder Adventure Path as the story for our game, we asked one of our favourite storytellers to lend a hand - can you guess who it is? Check out this Kickstarter Update to learn more about the process of implementing a story many of you have experienced in tabletop.

And now - music! "A good soundtrack doesn't just help set the mood and transport emotion. It follows you on your journey and tells a story." This is the intro to Inon Zur's update about the creative process behind his work. Be sure to watch his video when you're checking out the article!

Of course our project would be nothing without you, the community. And that is as true today as it was at the beginning of our Kickstarter, when we showed our early prototype to fans. If you want to see some of the feedback we got from PaizoCon visitors in 2017, have a look at this update. You can also see one of the Owlcats skydiving with a Pathfinder: Kingmaker banner!

And that nearly concludes today's retrospective update. Just one more thing - PAX West is coming and we'll have an awesome booth on level 4 and our latest build of the game to show off, if you want to meet us! We're also looking for helping hands, if you're in Seattle from August 31 to September 3. Does that sound like a job for you? Check out this form for more info and a chance to sign up!

Hail to the Kings!