The Surge 2 - Jan Klose Interview

Jan Klose, the creative director on Deck13's upcoming action-RPG The Surge 2, had a chat with Gamereactor back during this year's E3, and now we can check out the video interview that came out of that. Greater variety of characters, environments and playstyles, and increased importance of player choice are two of the major points brought up in the interview, along with a newfound prominence of RPG elements, which are all good things if you ask me. Check it out:

Here's a bit from the available text transcript:

"There's a lot of variety in the environment, and this is what we really want to really up, so it's a huge... it's not in a very good state, so the whole city's under quarantine and for some reason - which we can't reveal right now - they build a huge protective wall around it that you can also witness and see that."

We're also told we'll see "very different characters, creatures, and I think the important thing it's not like everything is that or zombies like some people said in the first one, but you'll encounter a lot of people trying to survive, they're assembling somewhere, they're doing their own stuff, and you can sometimes align with them or fight against them, take on quests from them. So it's all much more alive than it was before."