ATOM RPG New Year, New Patch

The end-of-year update and announcement from the developers behind the post-apocalyptic ATOM RPG are filled with optimism and high hopes for 2018, a year their game is currently set to release. Here's what they have to say:

Hello, friends!

This year was crazy! Like honestly, it was! We started and, thanks to you, successfully completed the Kickstarter campaign, released the early access version of the Atom on Steam, met a plethora of new people, received a lot of positive reviews and a lot of constructive criticism! But, most importantly, we worked and worked on the game!

Looking back at the version that we had exactly a year ago... It's like night and day! The game feels so much more civilised!.. What started a long time ago as an idea and in 2015 as a part time development now looks like an actual game!

2018 is the year that Atom should come out, and we still have a lot to do. Work on the new content update, new patches new features is going on as we speak and won't stop even after the release!

We wish you a great New Year's Eve and all the best in the upcoming year! Keep on Truckin' and keep on rocking! But most importantly, stay safe! :)

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

Atom Team

And to show us that they mean business when they talk about working on new updates, they've also released the 0.6.0e patch notes for the Early Access version of the game. Check them out:

  • New movement system (now the hero picks the fastest way to reach the destination).
  • All bodies in the same cell now have joint inventory.
  • Otradnoye now has a couple of new little features.
  • Now items like weapons and armour will stay on the body if you don't take them.
  • Fixed the 'knock over' mechanic.
  • Fixed the balance of the hand to hand combat.
  • Added min. requirements for the weapons.
  • Fixed animation for the knife fight.
  • AP is now shown in the weapon descriptions.
  • Added a new recipe and a subsequential item.
  • Added a new alternative to catch a 'gold fish'.
  • Fixed many bugs with the bullets.
  • A 'Continue' buton is added to the main menu.
  • Fixed the wares balance.
  • Now you can use a shovel as a weapon!
  • Fixed the effect of Aprophenum.
  • Fixed a bug with a reward from the bandit leader.
  • Fixed bugs in the caves beneath the Roaring forest.
  • Fixed the bug with hero sometimes getting stuck in the scenery.
  • New sounds for the ciggy.
  • Added exp for a successful crafting.
  • Added new weapon (SKS).
  • Show the weight of the items in inventory during Barter and looting.
  • Fixed the bug with lockpicking.
  • Added new animations.
  • All new items now go first in the inventory.
  • You can see the chance of a krit. attack when you create your character.
  • Fixed the army knife balance.
  • Left Shift now makes the map skroll faster.
The new patch will come out with the new update in the next year.
Thank you all so much for your support, bug tracking and suggestions!