Thea 2: The Shattering Kickstarter Campaign Launched, £15,129 and Counting

Thea 2: The Shattering, a sequel to MuHa Games' Thea: The Awakening is now live on Kickstarter with a campaign that needs to secure £40,000 before October 17, 2017. If you're not familiar with them, Thea games are a mix of a 4X strategy, narrative adventure, RPG, and a collectible card game set in a fantasy world inspired by Slavic folklore, and despite being such a mishmash of genres they somehow work. You can check out the campaign page to see some of the game's art and music, and get a preview of the card combat, or you can watch the campaign trailer right here:

And here are Thea 2's key features:

Key Features:
  • Explore rich, procedurally generated and diverse new environments and biomes.
  • Expand your influence in the worlds, build towns, widen your territories or choose to remain a nomad.
  • Exterminate your way to victory, battle through the vast array of creatures or simply survive till sunrise.
  • Exploit the many wonders of the land – discover and combine resources, collect materials and craft them into your equipment.
  • Become a deity of Thea and direct your chosen to victory in a world inspired by Slavic myth and folklore.
  • Play together – co-op mode allows you to build your pantheon with friends.
  • Choose your playstyle – become a warlord or a diplomat, or simply remain an outsider wandering the world in search of glory.
  • Survive any way you can and choose your challenge style as you resolve conflicts via battle, mental or spiritual challenges.
  • Free DLCs, built-in adventures editor and other modding tools.