Tyranny v1.2.0.0121 Patch Released

A new v1.2.0.0121 patch is now available for Obsidian Entertainment's Tyranny and its Bastard's Wound DLC. It focuses on fixing quest-related issues that were introduced with the 1.2.0 update, but also deals with a few other minor issues. Below you'll find the full patch notes, and because this is the world that we live in now, I feel obligated to warn you that the notes contain minor spoilers:

This patch addresses issues that were preventing players from completing various quests after the 1.2.0 update. Below are a list of the specific fixes that are included in this update, please note that many of these notes contain spoilers for the DLC and end game content:
  • Companions wielding Penumbra can now be removed from the party without causing errors.
  • Fixed a rare case where players could no longer leave Bastard's Wound after completing the content there.
  • Armor values now correctly recalculate after loading a save for a character with a stance that affects armor.
  • Added localized text for several lines that were displaying English text.
  • Readded a missing line of Graven Ashe's Dialog.
  • Locations within Bastard's Wound now unlock more consistently regardless of the order quests are completed in.
  • Teleporters in Bastard's Wound now correctly route to the locations.
  • Bleden Mark now correctly appears in Asheweald after dealing with the Voices of Nerat as part of 'The Third Degree' quest.
  • Final quest now triggers if Graven Ashe is the last Archon to submit to the Fatebinder, while the quest 'Never Free' is active.
  • 'Knapping on the Job' now updates correctly if the Forge-bound are no longer in Lethian's Crossing when the Fatebinder goes to speak with them.
  • 'The Weight of the Aegis' quest will now advance if Barik is brought to Lohara after getting Lohara to agree to examine Barik.