Forged of Blood Strategic Layer Development Evolution

Forged of Blood is an upcoming turn-based tactical fantasy RPG by Critical Forge where, apart from commanding your troops on the battlefield, you're also in charge of a strategic campaign to reclaim a lost kingdom. And to show us how that kingdom-reclaiming strategic layer is shaping up, the developers have put together a short video. Check it out:

A couple of paragraphs about Forged of Blood's strategic layer:

Delivering a layered gameplay experience, Forged of Blood puts players at the helm of a fledgling campaign on and off the battlefield. Commanding up to three parties on a Strategic Layer, players will take on quests and fight to reclaim a kingdom. While the Castle Layer offers a reprieve from war and the chance to customize and upgrade their characters and gear.


Still a little rough around the edges, but our strategic layer is shaping up rather nicely. Our simple tug-of-war territory mechanic is working as intended, quest generation all set, and updated UI implemented.