Pathfinder: Kingmaker Update #42

The latest Kickstarter update for Owlcat Games' upcoming cRPG Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a bit on the shorter side - it informs us that Kingmaker will begin alpha testing at the end of September and gives a shout out to Larian Studios' Divinity: Original Sin II, set to be released later today. Check it out:

Dear Pathfinders,

Those among you, who have pledged to get alpha access to Pathfinder: Kingmaker will be able to get started at the end of this month! In order to get access, please be sure you have followed the instructions in our email titled 'Backer Portal is now live'. You need to transfer your Kickstarter pledge to our backer portal and pick the alpha Add-on, which you have paid for during the Kickstarter campaign. If you need assistance with your pledge transfer, please be sure to send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can help you.

An email with detailed instructions on how to access the alpha will be sent out next week to all qualifying backers.

Back to Rivellon

The full release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker is still a while away. But there's no need to sit around and feel bored in the meanwhile. Why not pay the good folks over at Larian a visit and grab Divinity: Original Sin 2? If you crave a role-playing experience, which feels incredibly close to pen & paper, with deep, tactical combat and the possibility for 4 player cooperative gameplay, then you absolutely cannot miss this game! Release is slated for the 14th of September.