Another Pillars of Eternity-Themed Card Game is Upon Us

Perhaps we could bide our time until Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire arrives by engaging in a strategic and highly competitive card game? That sounds reasonable, and it's made even easier with this Kickstarter campaign featuring a collaboration between Obsidian Entertainment and the makers of Scrimish. I'm not familiar with the original game, but it looks like a solid weekend distraction, especially when we're talking about Pillars of Eternity-themed decks that feature companions Eder, Pallegina, Aloth, and Maia. Word is:
We teamed up with our friends at Obsidian Entertainment to bring you two amazing new Scrimish packs that feature the weapons and characters from their popular video game Pillars of Eternity.

Each pack contains 2 decks. Each deck contains the following cards:

(5) #1 Dagger Cards
(5) #2 Sword Cards
(3) #3 Mace Cards
(3) #4 Axe Cards
(2) #5 Halberd Cards
(2) #6 Great Sword Cards
(2) 'A' Archer Cards
(2) 'S' Shield Cards
(1) One Companion Card

Pack #1: Eder vs Pallegina Deck (Good for 2 players)

Pack #2: Aloth vs Maia Deck (Good for 2 additional players)
Hit the campaign for more info on how the game actually plays.