Star Wars: The Old Republic "Crisis on Umbara" Update 5.4 Released

A new "Crisis on Umbara" Flashpoint is available in Star Wars: The Old Republic with the launch of Game Update 5.4, and we're able to learn more about the Flashpoint as well as the available Stronghold reward in this new "gameplay and rewards" blog post. A snip about what's up for grabs:
Crisis on Umbara not only pushes the story forward, it also offers one of the most unique Flashpoint rewards we have ever offered, a new Stronghold! By completing the Flashpoint on any difficulty, you will earn Alliance Recon Data. You will earn more data for completing the Flashpoint on higher difficulties. This data can be turned into a vendor for various rewards including crafting schematics, an armor set, a mount, and the keys to purchase a new Stronghold, the ‘Umbara Mobile Base.’

Once you have the key, you will be able to go to a new room in the Alliance HQ on Odessen and purchase the Stronghold as you normally would with credits or Cartel Coins.