Tyranny Tiersmen Faction Profile

The folks at PCGamesN have the exclusive on the last faction profile for Tyranny, which focuses on the Tiersmen. They're the rebels who threaten Kyros' dominion in the region, but considering they failed once already, I'm going to go ahead and assume that working with them won't be the path of least resistance through the game:

Vendrien Guard

The Vendrien Guard were the army of the land-locked Realm of Apex, defenders of the central region of the Tiers. Named for House Vendrien, the ruling dynasty of Apex, the Guard has a reputation for being as resilient and stubborn as the mountains themselves. Ostensibly beaten by Kyros' armies and forced to surrender in 429, the Vendrien Guard resurfaced in 431, brazenly defying the Overlord's rule.

Bronze Brotherhood

The Bronze Brotherhood is a mercenary company from the Free Cities dotting the Tiers' southern coast. Many of these mercenary companies were employed by Kyros' agents and slaughtered during the war. The Bronze Brotherhood survived thanks to their relatively safe posting at Lethian's Crossing, where the Voices of Nerat hired the company to help protect the town's forge operation.

Among the most trained and dedicated warriors of the Tiers, the Bronze Brotherhood have a reputation for ruthlessness and tenacity. Aggression and decisive thinking are so highly prized by the Brotherhood that the violent, enigmatic Scourge is the group's mascot - a creature most decent folk consider the stuff of nightmares. The term "Brother" is used for mercenaries of both genders, as the company's title harkens back to the archaic notion of 'living as men' (in Tiers custom, this amounts to releasing all claims to lands) to better assure an employer that the Brotherhood won't covet the realms they're paid to protect.