Vampyr Previews and Interviews

Despite the fact that the show concluded nearly two months ago, we're still able to do some light reading about Dontnod's RPG Vampyr based on the demonstrations and discussions that the team did at this year's E3.

We begin with a preview at Entertainment Buddha:

For example, being a vampire he needs to feed on blood, there is no substitute, so he scanned a NPC (all NPCs will have unique identities in the game) to find out his blood quality and his character. After the scan it was revealed that his blood was satisfactory, but he was a bad person, so as the player you can then choose to suck him dry, or probe him for more information using some sort Jedi-style vampire mind trick. Upon mesmerizing him it’s revealed that his son is in bad shape and that he’s had some issues trying to help him, because after all London is experiencing a major outbreak of the Spanish Flu, so the decision gets a bit more grey after you learn about his family and past. The player decided to leave him be after gaining information relevant to his quest in finding a cure for his vampirism, because after all he is a man of science and believes his condition can be cured, so he shied away from murder in this case.

Followed by a second preview at Hooked Gamers:

Just as curing the sick is an option, so is combat, which is bloody and brutal as befitting a vampire. Against a crowd of vampire hunters, Reid used a combination of melee and ranged weapons alongside his vampiric powers to cut down his enemies. Combat was fast paced and required careful positioning and timing for best results. A grab move allowed Reid to suck the blood from a hunter in the middle of the fight, though developers cautioned that the hunters have methods of defending against it. Sucking blood fills up a blood meter, which Reid can use to activate powerful vampiric magic that absolutely annihilates enemies. In the case of the demo, one poor soul was impaled by a fountain of blood.

And then we conclude with an interview at GamingBolt:

Can you go further on the branching dialog we’ve seen in the demo?

For each dialogue there is not just one branch. You can have many choices during a dialogue. There is some questions you can just ask once. If you don’t give the wanted answer you will never get another shot with that, because you can piss off another character who will never talk to you again.

When you arrive at a district you’re faced with the continuity of people, it depends on who you approach first, which stance you take with each one, and then what do you do with them? Do you help them? Do you kill them? so there are many ways to have things branching besides just the dialogue.