Tyranny Short Story Series, Part Four: Trial by Iron

The latest short story released for Tyranny -- penned yet again by Obsidian Entertainment narrative designer Paul Kirsch -- focuses on Barik, one of the companions from the game, and his demeanor and attitude before the events that led him to be trapped in his own armor. Here's an excerpt:

Barik felt a hard shudder as the sword impacted his tower shield. He set his stance the way his brothers had taught him, letting his feet cushion the blow. He wouldn’t be any use to the phalanx if he lowered his defenses, even for a moment. Enemy forces thickened ahead of him, growing in strength, forming into a relentless mob. His armor, his body, his life – he was the shield between the Southern barbarians and the civilized North, and he would give up all three to defend her. Kyros and the Empire depended upon him.

He pulled his thoughts back to the moment. There was no phalanx, and the mountain hamlet of Battle’s Rest was a long march from the front lines of any war. Barik’s shield was oak treated with tar – hardly the elite iron that the Disfavored carried into battle. His opponent wore a glorified bucket of a helm, and they fought to the cheers of their countrymen.

“Come at me already, you motherless swine!” called his opponent. A cold stare peered through the slits of his makeshift gear, but Barik recognized it not. Those eyes belonged to a neighbor, a friend, perhaps. With the bloodlust of the North coursing through him, Barik could hardly be tasked with anything as sensible as recognition.

Barik attempted to press forward, his ill-fitting armor restraining his movement. He didn’t lift his wooden spear to do aught but parry the occasional blow while his opponent attacked – swinging a fine sword with fierce, experimental jabs. If Barik didn’t act soon, he would be carried back to his tent on a stretcher instead of the shoulders of his fellow landsmen.