The Bard's Tale IV Interview

While it's not a direct result of the successful conclusion to inXile's Kickstarter campaign for The Bard's Tale IV, it's still worth your time to head over to Gaming Nexus for a new interview with Brian Fargo about a handful of design and gameplay topics related to the long-overdue follow-up.  A taste:

I saw that the game will be a continuation of the original trilogy. Will the 2004 release be acknowledged at all?
We had a lot of fun making the 2004 release and maybe we'll make a small nod to it here or there, but its story is not canon in our world. It was a funny little side-track for the franchise but not part of this main series of games.


Could you talk about how the classes will evolve as you play?
Evolving classes was a unique concept from the original trilogy, where you could advance your magic users from their basic types into types such as the Geomancer or even the Archmage. Our plan is to not just keep this system but expand it to other classes, so that as you level up your basic Warrior or Hunter will get a new path open to him to evolve into.