The Bard's Tale IV KS Update #21: Down to the Wire

The latest The Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter update is likely going to be the last before the end of the campaign, and as such it does make sense that it mostly focuses on social media campaign that can convince more people to donate. The campaign still could potentially two stretch goals in its last six hours, though I have to admit I'm skeptical it can go from $1.5 million to $1.9 in such a short span of time.

When the dust has settled, it will be interesting to compare this Kickstarter campaign to the previous two from inXile and similar RPG crowdfunding campaigns, but before doing that we might as well take the opportunity to catch up with the "Enclave of the Fairy Host" story Nathan Long, a writer at inXile, has been penning for The Bard's Tale IV's social media achievements:

The elven mosaics in this room depict a feast in an underground banquet hall with tree roots for pillars and witch-lights for lanterns. Elves in beautiful clothes eat and drink and listen to an elven bard. All the servants are humans. An elf maiden has a man for a pet. He curls on a pillow at her feet.

The chanting is louder here. You can distinguish the words now. You recognize them as ancient Einarr.

The Einarr chanting fills your head as you enter this room. It shakes the floor and seems to make the very air vibrate. Two Einarr stand guard in front of an ornate pair of double doors on the far side. They ready their spears and cry out as they see you, but no-one hears them. The chanting drowns them out.

Anders thrusts out a hand and they slump to the floor, fast asleep. You step over their snoring bodies and ready your weapons as you approach the doors.

"This is it, friends,) says Lioslaith. (Your enemies are cornered. We must triumph here.)

(Yeah,) says Fiona. (Or the elf ghost is going kill us all, thanks to Anders.)

Anders grunts. (Let's just finish it.)

You push open the doors.