The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn DLC Officially Announced, Trailer

It turns out what we mistakenly believed to be a teaser for a new The Elder Scrolls Online trailer was meant to tease an entirely different The Elder Scrolls product. That's right, it was for a new piece of downloadable content for Skyrim entitled "Dragonborn", and the trailer (which shows glimpses of Morrowind locations, and the very first Dragonborn) awaits you below:

And here's the very first (scarce) info on it, including price and date:
Dragonborn will be available for download for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE on December 4.

While it's disappointing that, so far, there is only news of an Xbox 360 version, you might want to console yourself by checking the info fans unearthed before the DLC was announced.