38 Studios Assets About to be Auctioned Off

Thanks to Giant Bomb, we've learned that auction site SJ Corio Company is currently listing two separate auctions for the remaining assets of 38 Studios, one to be held in Rhode Island, while the other one will be held in Maryland, both in October.

Among the things you'd expect, such as graphic tablets, TVs, computers, telephones, etc. there are also some development kits for the Xbox 360, that Microsoft is currently trying to stop from going on sale, given the fact that they aren't property of 38 Studios but have only been licensed to them.

Here's the full statement they've released to Joystiq:
"Xbox 360 Development Kits (XDK) are the property of Microsoft and are only licensed to authorized studios and may not be assigned or sold to any third party without the written consent of Microsoft," the company told Joystiq in a prepared statement. "We will be contacting the appropriate parties involved in the auction of 38 Studios' assets to remove the XDK units from the auction listing and to secure the return of the consoles to Microsoft."