Sword of Fargoal 2 Kickstarter Project Updates #1-4, $11,000 and Counting

Since the start of the Kickstarter campaign already no less than four updates have been released for the Sword of Fargoal sequel (you can find them here, here, here and here). Aside from the usual thanks and a bevy of videos, there are also some details on additional tiers in the second update that I'm going to quote:
We have gotten several great questions and requests which have ultimately prompted us to think outside of the box and add a NEW reward level that addresses both goals:

Do we have a reward level that offers both iOS Universal AND desktop (Mac/PC/Linux)? So we thought, "Well, why not?" And now we've added a way for you to pay just $4 more than the "JOURNEYMAN" level (still getting all of that level's great stuff), and get BOTH platforms at the new $29 "RANGER" reward level.

Do we plan to make an Android version of Sword of Fargoal 2? We've also heard loud and clear that many people want to see an Android version of Sword of Fargoal 2. And we do too! In fact, we've been wanting to do one for a long time... If you read through our Kickstarter page you see we have a $110K stretch-goal which we think we can reach with your help and if we do, we will not only make an Android version, but we will include it with the "RANGER" level! Supporting the level still gets you all the rewards at the "JOURNEYMAN" level no matter what, PLUS both iOS and desktop platforms, but the Android version comes to you at this level only if we achieve the stretch-goal. But don't worry, because if we do reach the $110K stretch goal we will add additional reward levels to get the Android version as a stand-alone, so you may choose to wait if Android is all you are after (and not iOS and desktop combined)...

Why do we have Android as a stretch-goal and not just included? Because the reality is that we will be so hard at work on all of the *other* amazing new things for Fargoal 2 that we need all the time we have to make sure we get Sword of Fargoal 2 packed full of all those goodies! Android, however, will benefit from anything new we put in so the $110K stretch-goal allows us to not only make a *killer* base game, but hire the additional coding support we will need to get the Android version completed on the same timeline.