Jaded Empire: BioWare Doctors' Departure "An Enormous Loss"

GamesIndustry.biz has wrangled up a piece entitled "Jaded Empire" that shares the thoughts of several veteran game designers, including the likes of Peter Molyneux, Brian Fargo, and Don Daglow, after hearing the news that both Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have left BioWare and the video game industry as a whole to pursue other life pursuits. There's clearly a lot of respect for the doctors among their peers:
Peter Molyneux, 22 Cans founder
What an enormous loss Greg and Ray's retirement is. They have truly been an inspiration to us all. I have played all their games and have even borrowed a few of their ideas. I know Ray is a keen poker player and was once taken out by him is a heated game. I wish them both all the best in the retirement.

Brian Fargo, InXile Entertainment CEO
I was quite surprised to hear they both are retiring from the industry altogether. And I'm sure many fans will be disappointed but I'm certain their Bioware legacy will continue. It sounds like they are very passionate about their new ventures so they are in a good place.

Don Daglow, Daglow Entertainment founder
The best leaders build teams with a solid foundation of shared values and objectives, but on top of that foundation is a house with no ceiling so people can look up and dream. That's hard to do, even with small teams, but Greg and Ray have been able to do it with big teams and have produced a long list of outstanding games. Any retirement like this diminishes the games community, but the consolation is that Ray and Greg have always worked to empower the people around them. We still have the result of all that mentoring and experience, and it will only grow with the passage of time.