Divinity: Dragon Commander Board Game to be Included in Collector's Edition

19 Aug 2012

Our friends at the RPGWatch have a brief write-up on Divinity: Dragon Commander's board game, which was initially used to prototype the mechanics of the title. Most importantly, according to the the write-up, the board game will be included in the Collector's Edition of the title, giving at least a portion of the player base the chance to try it. Here's a little bit on the game's mechanics:
Swen explained some parts of the game to me. It has hexagon tiles which can be placed as you like. Some of these tiles are obstructions (water, mountains), resulting in you having to travel around them.

After placing the tiles each player gets to place small cards that come in two types providing either gold or resources on each of the tiles, which you can utilize once you own a tile. After that all players can place your troops.

Troops that are on a tile are attacked by moving a selection of your troops there (the game features different types of troops) and throwing the red dices. The defender gets to throw the green dices. Depending on what both of you throw you lose troops or your opponent does. This is continued until there is one survivor.

In addition you can play one or more of the playing cards you have that either give you and attack or defense bonus. There is quite a lot of strategy involved before you can win the game, but given that there are dices it also has a luck component.

I suppose this is just my personal opinion on the matter, but I find this kind of inclusion incredibly more interesting than the usual action figures that are included in most Collector's Editions these days.

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