Legends of Eisenwald Preview

Now that Aterdux Entetainment's Legends of Eisenwald has less than three days to go in their Kickstarter campaign, the folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have put together a quick preview based on the information we have about the crowd-funded RPG/strategy hybrid thus far.
The important thing about the combat is that every unit will have something to do on every turn, rather than simply trotting around a tiny grid. If you're engaged with enemies, you fight them until one of you is incapacitated, if you're not, then you choose who to engage with. Ranged units seem to be handled like artillery, based in a fixed location and firing from there, requiring protection.

These kind of tactical grids have always had a high degree of abstraction, whether it's in the representation of hundreds of units as a single figure taking up a single space, or the non-existent overview of a hero or commander. Eisenwald seems to embrace that abstract nature and utilise it for a very specific sort of tactical conflict. I like.