Borderlands 2 Community Q&A

The official US PlayStation Blog hosted a community Q&A with Gearbox's Matt Charles on the upcoming Borderlands 2, and now that the results are in we can learn about the title's improvements concerning framerate, character customization, vehicle gameplay and more. Here's a snip:
Will there be more character customization (individual skills, armor, etc) than in the first one? (via @justtom2012)

You'll be able to choose from a large variety of swappable heads/hairstyles/headgear in addition to choosing from hundreds of unique color and decal themes, and both together offer a ton of options for customization. As for skills, each class offers a bigger quantity and more interesting variety of skills to choose from in the skill trees.


What enhancements have you made to the weapon interface, inventory, and pickup system?

We have a completely new inventory screen and all of the other interface screens have received various upgrades. There's a lot more useful data for gear comparison and also more descriptive text on the item cards as well. Having said that, the best way to know what a gun does is to use it and some weapons are *very* special.

Money and ammo now automatically pick up if dropped from enemies as well!


So when will we get the Mechromancer class and is it a exclusive to any version of the game ? (via @Tenkisin)

We're hoping to release her to the world as soon as possible but we have to get the game through the certification process as right now she only exists as a sketch and we need to finish up Borderlands 2! The good news is that the Mechromancer will be compatible with all versions of the game and she will be free if you preorder at participating retailers through the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club!