Baldur's Gate II Redux Mod Interview

We haven't heard much about the Baldur's Gate II Redux mod for Dragon Age: Origins since we rounded up a progress report back in 2010, but tonight the team behind it dropped us an email to let us know that they've just fielded an assortment of questions about it in a new interview on Gamers Nexus. Topics include what will be included in module 2 (all of Athkatla), how the recently announced Baldur's Gate Enhanced Editions might affect their plans, the challenges associated with bringing over BG2's classes and races, and more:
GN: Are you including every quest? Every conversation? Character? Even the really minor ones?

Cuv: As many as we can, yes! We may even try to restore the unfinished quests at some point, but those are a lower priority, as you can imagine. The city needs to feel alive, so all those conversations are necessary. We'll possibly even have some new filler conversations, but nothing so new that it angers fans.


GN: Here's the obvious question -- I know people are going to be very interested to know what your response to the pending BG:EE launch is. Has anything changed? Any concerns or new directions? Advantages? Will it affect launch dates?

Cuv: Honestly, it won't affect us at all. We will continue with our direction. There is an advantage in the hype that was drummed up by it -- if we have a finished product to release around the same time they do, we'll do everything we can to match that date. This is a labor of love, though. We are not on a deadline, it'll be done when it's done.