Beamdog Meets with WotC, Atari, and NVIDIA on Baldur's Gate Mystery Project

09 Mar 2012

Those of us trying to figure out what Baldur's Gate project Beamdog has been diligently working on received a few more clues via Twitter this week, with not just one or two updates, but three total tweets alerting us to meetings that owner Trent Oster attended with Wizards of the Coast, Atari, and NVIDIA during this week's Game Developers Conference:
Forgot to mention awesome meeting yesterday with the #WizardsoftheCoast guys. Great talking #d&d with them


Great meeting with #Atari at #GDC now we need to get all the ducks in a row for an announcement #baldursgate #bestthingever


Final day of #gdc We've seen the people we came to see. Just met with the Nvidia guys. #naptime
So what more can we surmise knowing that all three of these companies are somehow involved?

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