Star Wars: The Old Republic Reviews

We're still waiting for some of the gaming website behemoths to publish their critiques for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but in the meantime you can chew on a couple of new reviews from IncGamers (8/10):
For the most part, I'm deeply impressed. In terms of sheer gameplay mechanics SWTOR is a WoW-alike, yes, but it's a highly polished WoW-alike, and that does make a difference. It's the only MMO in recent memory with actual characters not least your player character actually being a person rather than an avatar and there's a genuine sense of being an important person doing important tasks and making a difference in the galaxy. There's still a nagging feeling that it's almost a single-player game with an MMO interface, I've got a few concerns about endgame content and min-maxing morality choices, and there are certainly a mess of bugs that needs sorting out, but the quality is still high enough that I've got no reservations in recommending this to anyone to who fancies an MMO with an emphasis on making you feel like the only player that matters.

And from (scoreless):
BioWare has made a conscious effort to make SWTOR a pleasurable, non-stress inducing game to play. I have enjoyed every minute. And the same seems to be true for many others. According to a recent press release on, the game has over a million subscribers with more joining every day, making it one of the fastest growing MMOs ever. If BioWare can keep the quality this high and consistent, which I'm positive they can, then 'ňúStar Wars: The Old Republic' will be my MMO of choice for some time to come.