Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Q&A

It's refreshing to see the Star Wars: The Old Republic team reaching out to the community through alternative channels, such as this Q&A with Stephen Reid on Reddit, during which the senior community manager tackles questions pertaining to everything from upcoming content to what types of beer he enjoys. A few that stood out to me:
Q: We're interested in stuff like more emotes with animation, different sit animations, being able to lounge in a cantina, etc. We also like to plan RP events and love large, open spaces that can hold lots of people.

It's very possible that some or all of what you're asking for will potentially be put into the game... but as you can tell I have no ETAs on that. I hate to be vague, but it's always going to be a matter of priorities.


Q: What roadmap can we expect for future content patches? New planets? New dailies? More story chapters?

'What players want' varies radically; some players don't want us to add any new content, but just want bugs fixed instead, for example.

I will say that production times - especially regarding writing, casting and doing VO - are not a major concern. We've been planning the future of the game (in broad strokes!) for quite a long time. We've had actors in recording studios for quite a while recording stuff. So, we've planned ahead.

We look at the overall spread of players through the game very carefully and will continue to look at that going forward.


Q: can you tell us if you know of any roleplaying geeks among the staff?

LOADS of roleplaying geeks. You may not have heard the story but James Ohlen was originally zired (like, in pre-Baldur's Gate days) by Greg and Ray (co-founders of BioWare) because, according to them, he was recommended as 'This guy at the comics shop who runs really good D&D games'. Boggles my mind.

You've got to realize that we have a BIG development staff. You can't throw a rock without hitting D&D geeks, Magic the Gathering geeks, and MMO geeks of all shapes and sizes. No-one's at the studio to, you know, bang out a game and go home. They're all gamers.

Even our HR and Facilities folk, in the main, now I think about it.