World of Warcraft: Hour of Twilight Impressions

IGN has cranked out some impressions of "Hour of Twilight", the new v4.3 update for Blizzard's World of Warcraft. In short, it's a favorable piece, and even suggests that the game is now worthy of a reactivation:
The first lesson of the new instances is that you should not expect to stampede through the content without thinking through a few strategies. The mob encounters provided our group with some unique challenges in many cases; your skills will be tested. We learned the hard way as we barreled head long into a patrol consisting of a Twisted Sorcerer, Priest, two footmen and a rifleman (can you say Halls of Reflection?) These proved to be a nightmare as the rifleman jumped away from the group and the priest had a healing well up, and conveniently remained out of range at the onset. After that little disaster, (Thank you, mass rez) we snapped back to reality and employed a little crowd control. Not only were the pats challenging, but they oftentimes packed a punch when they hit, so healers be forewarned. For the most part, if you think through the initial encounter a little in advance, you should make it through without a hitch.

For the bosses, I really enjoyed this round of elites. It was like a stroll through the Warcraft Smithsonian, with several familiar names from within the game, including Echo of Jaina and Sylvanas, Queen Azshara and the crescendo with Arch Bishop Benedictus. The storylines lead you through a logical progression and conclusion for each chapter driving home a compelling storyline for those who choose not to skip the lore.