Did Dark Souls Eat Skyrim's Face?

You may remember this pre-release editorial from IGN that argued that Dark Souls will "eat Skyrim's face". Well, so does GameZone, which decided to check if IGN's expectations were correct and gives their response with an editorial on their own. Result?
Say what you will for unit sales numbers, the vastness of the difference is still apparent in the data. While the PS3 numbers are far closer than the Xbox 360 numbers, a few hundred-thousand is still a big gap. The fact that there are nearly a million in difference in Xbox 360 is unheard of. With this said, the units sold category goes to Skyrim--hands down.

My interest was still peaked though; I traveled to IGN's webpage to see how much higher Dark Souls was rated than Skyrim. This is when things got interesting. IGN rated Dark Souls 9.0 and IGN rated Skyrim 9.5. WHAT!? But didn't you say. that. huh?

This lead to my next dilemma; I need a hard definition of what (Eating One's Face) means. If selling over a million less units through PS3 and Xbox 360 is eating one's face, then Dark Souls absolutely feasted on Skyrim's visage. That wouldn't have been my definition, though.

This raises the question: was anyone expecting otherwise?