Top Five Reasons Dark Souls Will Eat Skyrim's Face

Because they believe that From Software's Dark Souls has Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim beaten "in all kinds of areas", the Xbox 360 editors over at IGN have cranked out a list of five reasons why the former will "eat" the latter's "face" in matters related to online multiplayer, DLC, pricing, scope, combat mechanics, challenge, and... dragons.
Dragons played a role in Demon's Souls, but From Software has reached deep into their imagination to create mythical beasts unlike any before seen in an action epic.

Fans who have been watching the release of the pieces of the Dark Souls Prologue video have recently discovered that DRAGONS actually play a very important role in the genesis of Lordran and the cursed land of the undead. The undead lords who rose from the dead had to cast out the dragons who ruled the world in an epic battle, with one of their own, Seathe, a Crystal Dragon, betraying his own kind to gain an unimaginable power.

Other dragons, like the headless bone dragon and the massive, red, fire-breathing behemoth seen at E3 are also a big part of the world that From Software has created. Fans have even spotted a dragon that appears to have had its hide burned off with acid. UNDEAD DRAGONS!?!