Dungeon Siege III Community Q&A, Part Two

It appears the folks at Obsidian have planned for more than two installments for the community Q&A that has recently been conducted with Dungeon Siege III lead designer Nathaniel Chapman, with the latest tackling the possibility for the game to offer more camera angles, the combat system in The Witcher 2 and its similarities to that of Dungeon Siege III, party interactions and more. Here's a sampling:
XxTaLoNxX asked: Camera Angle. It's probably the top complaint since you fixed the (keybinding) issue. or rather lack thereof, so can we expect any camera improvements? A few more zooms and angles maybe?

The game is built for the camera angles that are featured in the game and not for others. It's not likely that we would be able to add additional camera angles in the future without introducing a large volume of bugs, so unfortunately we aren't likely to do it.

GhostOfAnakin asked: Party interaction. Was there ever plans to expand on it? Most RPGs that allow companions/party members tend to have the ability to talk to those party members, to either learn their backstories or to open up a companion-specific sidequest or both. Was there a reason that kind of thing wasn't available in DS3?

We had a lot of thoughts on doing additional things like companion-specific side quests, but our scope was such that it wasn't possible for DS3. Now that we've developed all of the core gameplay in DSIII, though, it's something I think we would like to do very much in a sequel. :)