Dungeon Siege III Reviews

We have rounded up some more reviews for Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment's continuation of the Dungeon Siege franchise, Dungeon Siege III, for your perusal.

We kick off things with All You Need, 85/100.
Dungeon Siege III is easily one of my favorite games in recent memory, not just my favorite hack and slash dungeon crawler, favorite GAME. I've been waiting years for a good replacement for CoN and this game is it. If you have some friends who also love dungeon crawlers $60 for this game is a no brainer.

Then onto ZTGD, 8.0/10.
All in all, Dungeon Siege III is a rather enjoyable action RPG that offers up a decent story and fun mechanics throughout the single player game. The multiplayer is a completely different story, but it is there for the ones who want it. If you're looking for a good loot whore game, you just found it. It may have a few hiccups here and there, but there's no doubting the fact that Dungeon Siege III scratches that itch for a good dungeon crawler.

GamersArmada, scoreless, but recommends to buy the game when it comes up at a Steam sale or something along those lines.
My last issue is small but important and it derives directly from the story. This game is not long enough to qualify as a quality RPG or dungeon crawler in my book. It took approximately 15 hours for me to get through the entirety of the game, which is well shy of other great RPG's which tend to hit around 30 hours or more. Again, I know this is intended to be more of a dungeon crawler than an RPG but the game does not seem to be aware of that, which makes the short amount of time played feel cheap. Obsidian put a lot of time into this game and a lot of effort to make it into more of a functional hybrid, but ultimately it fails to find itself as a meaningful product because it doesn't do either side particularly well.

While normally I would tell you whether you should Buy It, Rent It, Borrow It, or Forget It, it's on PC and I lose two options right from the start. I am now forced to create another option which would be to Buy It (when it goes on sale). It is worth the crawl because it can be fun and entertaining, but it's not worth the $50 you'll put down on it. Wait until Steam of GOG or whatever digital download service you prefer puts it on sale, and then pick it up.

And we end with GameFront, 75/100.
It's certainly true that most of these are trivial issues, and I want to stress that I really did enjoy Dungeon Siege 3. It's easy to pick up, fun, in a repeptitive kind of way, and really does pull off couch co-op perfectly. It's a deliberate update on old school magic-and-swords games such as Gauntlet. It's fun, and you'll enjoy it a lot, but chances are you won't remember why and, once you put it back in the box, you won't touch it again. Having taken 6 years to come out, it's a shame that it feels less like the triumphant return of an old school(ish) franchise and more like shameless cashing in on a well-known brand.