Borderlands 2: What CVG Wants to See

I think it's safe to assume that a sequel to Gearbox's Borderlands is inevitable, but while we await a formal announcement, all we can really do is sift through wish lists like this new one on CVG.
We don't want to sound ungrateful, it's not like Borderlands didn't provide enough guns.

In fact, Borderlands came with more guns than any other FPS a thousand times over thanks to its randomising mechanics. That was the main reason we all loved it so much.

It's just, with all the different detachable and interchangeable bits and bobs the game treated itself, we'd like to have a go at making a fire arm or two ourselves.

A sizeable chunk of the Borderlands fan base was doing it on PC anyway with the help of homebrew kits, so it's not too far fetched to assume Gearbox could quite easily implement similar systems in the sequel.

We think it'd be great to see what the masses came up with if they were given the freedom to build a gun made up of loads of interchangeable parts. Borderlands was already content rich as far as firearm components are concerned. We're not saying we need more bits of metal, just the tools to play with them.
If they need ideas for how to do weaponry right in a Diablo-inspired shooter, they need not look any further than Hellgate.