GB Feature: The Witcher 2 Talent Trees and Equipment Database

I won't actually have a retail version of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings in my hands until the morning (likely at the same time as all of you), but over the past several days I've been sifting through much of the information that I managed to glean from the now-expired press build that was gracing my hard drive.

Anyway, it's taken me awhile, but tonight I'm finally able to kick off our brand new The Witcher 2 subsite with annotated "maps" (if you will) of the four talent trees available to Geralt: Training, Alchemy, Magic, and Swordsmanship. All 51 talents are explored with their full two-tier statistics and in-game icon, as well as a note if they're able to be enhanced with a mutagen.

Complementing all of that content is a fully searchable 300+ item equipment database that includes every item that I managed to loot, craft, or otherwise acquire up until the Act 1. This is very much a work-in-progress and will be added to and modified on a regular basis over the coming days.

Yes, folks, The Witcher 2 is almost here. Enjoy!