10 Reasons Why Mass Effect 3 Will Be the Best in the Trilogy

I'd argue that some of OXM UK's points will make Mass Effect 3 less appealing to a segment of people, though it's great to hear that the game's overall difficulty will be increased and planet scanning will be "improved". I didn't realize that BioWare was trying to craft a "Gears-killer":
3. Better combat options

We like the idea of specialised classes, but we also like being able to pull a trigger without wondering whether our high level Biotic has the right shaped finger. BioWare has made all weapons available to all classes in Mass Effect 3, though grunt characters will be able to carry more, but has compensated this by giving players a greater breadth of ability upgrades, plus some new gun customisation options. Ergo, Rambo Shepards won't feel constrained, but Sun Tsu Shepards won't find the combat one-dimensional.

4. Ninja Shepard

In Mass Effect 3, BioWare's migration from "RPG with a slightly wonky action carapace" through "high quality action/RPG mash-up" to "Gears-killer" may be complete. Shepard is a lot fleeter and nimbler these days - he can vault cover without locking to it first, guerrilla roll and - shock - climb ladders.