The Witcher 2 vs. Dragon Age II

It seems a little absurd to be comparing two unreleased RPGs, but that hasn't stopped GameZone from putting together this feature that explores the potential both The Witcher 2 and Dragon Age II have in the graphics, story, character creation, and gameplay departments. It's also very hard to put any faith in an author who thinks Dragon Age: Origins featured turn-based combat and The Witcher was a click-fest:
Combat in The Witcher relied on timed mouse-click combos, different stances, consumables and a handful of spells. Although it wasn't a bad system, it felt a little bloated and unwieldy, and CD Projekt has completely revamped it for Assassins of Kings. Right now, though, there are no specifics on what the new system will be like. Origins' gameplay, on the other hand, was highly-touted as a "spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate," and was a more strategic, turn-based affair. It appears that the PC version of the sequel won't stray far from the same formula, even though BioWare is promising a more streamlined experience the second time around on consoles, with controls better suited to a gamepad. Both versions of the game will also feature a new dialogue mechanic similiar to Mass Effect. With so little information out there right now about both sequels, and no demos available, it's a toss-up on which will have the better gameplay and comes down to personal preference - do you want turn-based combat or a click-fest?