Fallout: New Vegas Reviews

This latest round of Fallout: New Vegas reviews is a little more colorful as it includes Yahtzee's fast-talking day-by-day critique. When you've taken that in, here are a few others:

D+PAD gives it a 4/5:
We can't help but have a problem with how little Obsidian have bettered the experience in Fallout 3. We loved Fallout 3, granted, but New Vegas has too little evolution of note to be really worthy of a higher score at the foot of this page. Obsidian had an admirable chance to re-define the Fallout experience but have really failed to enrapture our passions for the series. More of the same? Yes. But ultimately unlikely to be remembered as fondly as the third in the Fallout cannon.

PlayDevil gives it a 90/100:
"Fallout: New Vegas" sucked me right back in. If you didn't like Fallout 3, then there's not a whole lot new to actually improve the experience, but I was amazed at how well everything still holds up.

There's a huge amount of content, and the game world, amazing quests, and gripping story are just as good, if not better, than Fallout 3. This is no expansion pack.

DLC Live! gives it an 8/10:
Fallout: New Vegas is an amazing experience, but not without its flaws. The combat is intense, the storyline captivating and immersive, but the constant bugs are a thorn in its side. I really wanted to give it a higher score, but these technical letdowns cannot be discounted or ignored, and that is a crying shame. Lets hope Obsidian Entertainment heed the fans calls, and tighten the reigns on their next irradiated adventure.

SPOnG gives it an 82%:
So, should you buy this game? Well, I suppose that's down to how you found Fallout 3. This is a game that doesn't want to fix something that it thinks isn't broken. Many hated the last game and will no doubt hate this one too. Some loved the last one but have faced enough nuclear depression for one generation. Others just crave for more vast land to explore.

For that last group of people, they will have no issue with this. There is more of everything that Fallout 3 had and despite Obsidian taking over, you never feel as though any quality has been lost. As for those who haven't played Fallout before, it is a little hard to recommend this over the third one, but if I'm honest, you can't go wrong with either.