Arcania: Gothic 4 Reviews

Yet another trio of Arcania: Gothic 4 reviews have made their way to the 'net, though none of them paint the RPG in a very favorable light.

Diehard GameFAN gives it a score of "Below Average Game":
My time spent with ArcaniA: Gothic 4 was more like spending time in a waiting room than anything else. It is bland, something to play just to finish it and kind of irritating. I really do not strongly dislike ArcaniA but am quite irritated by Gothic 4. A: GIV is that irritating vertical hold problem of VCR legend. The game had the potential to be something fun, but instead, it just bothers the crap out of you and it may just be another terrible slasher flick like Driller Killer. It's just not worth it in the end. If you must play this game, rent it or buy it on the cheap.

Console Monster slaps it with a 60%:
Arcania turns out to be a passable RPG, it has pleasant enough locations and plenty of quests to get stuck into, even if they do feel a bit similar to each other. The timing of such a generic release couldn't have come at a worse time however, and with Fable III and Fallout New Vegas also vying for attention, Arcania is a pretty hard sell.

All Age Gaming hands out a 5.5/10:
Even after all the bad things I said about it I did end up overall enjoying it. It wasn't the greatest game I have played but it wasn't the worst either. I wouldn't recommend rushing out and buying it, I'd wait for a sale to get it or even renting it out over a weekend. It doesn't take too long to finish, about eight or so hours. It seems really fast until the final mission where it takes forever to finish, when I was finishing it, it almost felt longer than the whole game which was somewhat frustrating.

And then New Game Network arrives at a 61/100:
Overall Arcania: Gothic 4 fails as a Gothic game, but it isn't broken. The core gameplay mechanics are in place that allow the game to work as a simple action adventure title with some RPG elements, but it isn't memorable, it isn't all that fun, and it probably isn't worth your time unless you are desperate for something to play where you get to bash people with swords.