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Kingdom Under Fire II

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Action, Massively Multiplayer, Role-Playing, Strategy
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Game Description

Creates a whole new genre by combining two of the most beloved elements of online games: action RPG & real-time strategy!

• The satisfying combat and flashy animation exceed that of even most action games. The control scheme is intuitive and easy to learn. These are just a few of the great qualities inherited from its predecessors and expanded upon. This action RTS is the first MMO ever in the franchise and lets the player command a large number of troops to defeat other players online and become a legend.
• The RPG side lets players grow their heroes and up to one hundred different types of troops.

Fight as a soldier in the middle of the most detailed and realistic battlefield ever created.

• The massive battles come alive like a blockbuster movie with thousands of strikingly-detailed units fighting for survival, all powered by the in-house "Fame Tech 2" engine.
• Feast your eyes on flashy abilities and realistic destructible props.

3 Factions, 100 types of troops, and one massive battle that will test your wits.

• Fierce rivalry between 3 factions: Human Alliance, Dark Legion and Encablossa.
• 100 types of troops including Infantries, Archers, Paladins, Inquisitors, Air Units, Army Band, Bone Dragon, Mammoth and more. Intense medieval-style siege battles where players can use many different approaches, utilizing towers, ladders, catapults, and many other castle-siege weapons.

War system in which players expand their territories to become the ultimate ruler of the continent!

• Includes many MMORPG elements such as guilds, politics, sieges, territory and cultivation, while staying true to its RTS base.
• Provides a vast community system in which a player can expand his or her community (Party -> Guild -> Guild Alliance -> Nation). The ultimate goal is to expand one's territory to become the ultimate ruler of the continent.

Unlimited entertainment and infinite gameplay!

• Aside from hero leveling, players can blaze their own path by continuously gaining new troops.
• Join a guild or a nation, show your loyalty by expanding it, and declare war against others to claim new territory, fighting alongside other members!
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