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Crusader Kings II

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Role-Playing, Strategy
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Crusader Kings II thrusts players into Medieval Europe. Play one of the great or not so great dynasties of the period. Your goal? To survive and prosper in a period of turmoil and uncertainty. Through marriage and conquest expand your domains, while all the time be wary of you 'loyal' vassals who will plot against you.

An age of piety were it is God's will to take the cross and go to distant lands, spreading the true faith. An era of cynicism where Kings and Emperors vie with the Pope for control of the church’s vast lands, an age where three Popes claimed sole command of the one true Catholic church.  It is 1066 and the last great Norman adventurer prepares to board a ship to England. 400 years of history beckon and it is up to you to steer your family though it.
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