Fallout: New Vegas Interview

PC Gamer provides an interview with senior producer Larry Liberty, talking of what is new and familiar in Fallout: New Vegas, how it compares to Fallout 3 and New Reno, and the like.
PC Gamer: Can you explain how the game lets you ally yourself to different factions within the game? How much does this mix up the linearity of the main plotline?

Larry Liberty: Factions are managed via the new Reputation System. Most communities and groups are tracked via this system. The player can always see where they stand with a group that they've done something for or to in the Pip-Boy. You start off with a blank slate and a perfectly neutral reputation. If you do something good or bad to a member of a tracked group that will immediately be reflected in your reputation with that faction It's possible to weave a complex web of hatred and love and everywhere in between. You can be a beloved saint in one place and the hated nemesis of another. At times, this complexity can make crafting robust quests a challenge, but overall your allies and enemies will directly impact the end-game and your experience in the core game. Those that love you will help you in various ways, giving you discounts, gifts, and support. Those that hate you can send assassins to track you down if they have the power, or offer tribute in exchange for mercy if they lack the resources to resist.

PC Gamer: What are your favourite new items and weapons that we'll discover in New Vegas?

Larry Liberty: I really like the Ballistic Fist it's essentially a tiny shotgun grafted onto a gauntlet. It's activated by a pressure plate when impacting a target. Perfect for the unarmed fighters among us. Euclid's C-Finder has the single coolest weapon effect in the game. It's a space-based mega-weapon that has its own quest line. Spears are really fun for Melee fighters. We've added the ability to throw weapons, and in the case of the spear you can literally pin limbs to walls, with or without the victim. If you prefer a more traditional, conventional FPS weapon, the Light Machine Gun is fantastic. It has a high rate of fire, and with the right ammo type can handle most enemies rather easily.