Good Old Games Relaunches With Baldur's Gate

The new Good Old Games website is up, with Baldur's Gate up as a new release, their deal with Hasbro announced, and the promised GOGmixes and 3-click purchases in. The opening message:
Welcome to the brand new

We know our little game with closing down the site made some of you angry. Once again we'd like to apologize to everyone who felt deceived by us closing down without any warning and without giving you access to your games. We apologize for that from the bottom of our hearts, it was done with the best of intentions and hopefully we can make it up to you!

That being said we'd like to introduce to you the brand new After two years we're finally leaving the beta stage and moving forward to provide you even better service with your favorite PC classics. Leaving beta means lots of changes to the site itself, as well. A sleek new design makes it even easier to browse through the huge catalog, share one's passion for classic games via popular social media, get to know more about the classic games available and recommend favorite titles to other gamers. Among other changes, the team has introduced GOGmixes, which are, in short, user-created lists of games around one theme. Learn more about all the new features on overview page.

But that's not all. What anniversary would it be without some neat presents? We're celebrating the second anniversary with one of the biggest announcements ever for fans of classic PC games - we're reviving Baldur's Gate and other classic Hasbro-Licensed PC games which will be unveiled gradually in the coming weeks!
EDIT: As I tried to load it again, I'm now getting a "server closed for maintenance" message. How appropriate is it for them to flub the relaunch? Answer: very appropriate.