Fallout: New Vegas Companion Profiles

Bethesda Softworks' Matt Grandstaff paid a visit to the official PlayStation blog in order to profile all of the humanoid and non-humanoid companions we'll be recruiting during Fallout: New Vegas. Several new images and plenty of credentials are provided:

'¢ Full Name: Cyber-Hound Mk. III, LEO Support Model, Serial Number B955883

'¢ Sex: N/A

'¢ Age: 209

'¢ Ethnicity: N/A

'¢ Profession: Sidekick to The King

'¢ Perk: Search and Mark While Rex is a companion, unequipped chems, firearms, and ammunition within a short distance are highlighted when you zoom the camera.

'¢ Description: Rex is a cybernetic dog that has been around since pre-war times. He was used by the Denver Police Department and Caesar's Legion before being mostly blown up during the Battle of Hoover Dam. Since then, he's been the loyal pet of The King of The Kings in Freeside. Capable of sniffing out loot and taking a large amount of punishment, he only has one (big) problem: his brain is starting to deteriorate.
Priority #1: recruit the genderless robot dog.